Crib exhibition in San Paolo

The viticultural village of San Paolo invites you to the largest crib exhibition throughout South Tyrol.

Like every year in Christmas time, the wine village of San Paolo, a locality that belongs to Appiano, invites you to the largest crib exhibition throughout South Tyrol.

Numerous cribs will appear in windows, bays and niches of the village. Particularly in the evening the village appears to be really atmospheric. The idyllic silhouette of San Paolo and the huge Christmas tree in front of the church spread a fairytale-like Christmas atmosphere.

Moreover there is a varied supporting programme, including concerts of music groups, a “living” crib exhibition and much more.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Linger

    Hotel Linger

  2. Hotel Torgglhof

    Hotel Torgglhof

  3. Hotel Hasslhof

    Hotel Hasslhof

  4. Parc Hotel am See

    Parc Hotel am See

  5. Hotel Villa Groff

    Hotel Villa Groff

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