Valle Isarco cycling track: Bressanone - Chiusa - Bolzano

The cycle track between Bressanone and Bolzano snakes across the rutted Valle Isarco. Where it gets wider, vineyards and settlements characterise the scenery.

Beside the Isarco river, the Valle Isarco is also traversed by three main traffic lines, that are the motorway, the state road and the railway line. In the last years, the latter was tunnelled. The bicycle path stretches on the former railway track.

We start our tour in Bressanone, along the Isarco river towards south. Apples and grapevines grow on the sun-drenched western slope. Within a short time we reach the Mediaeval city of Chiusa, surveiled by the Sabbiona monastery and Castel Bronzolo. After a stop in the centre, we continue towards Ponte Gardena, on the slopes on the right you can see Villandro and Barbiano.

The valley becomes more narrow: from Colma we proceed on the former railway line to Cardano: bridges and galleries make the cycle track interesting and varied. At Prato all’Isarco, along the cycle track, the so-called “Augenreise“ starts, that is to say a “journey for the eyes“: pieces of art, installations and paintings lead us the way to Bolzano. The valley gets wider and is now mainly characterised by vineyards. The trail stretches into the track R4 along the Isarco riverside and is connected to the cycling paths of the city.

Name od the track: Radweg Eisacktal (Valle Isarco Cycle track), part of Brennero-Bolzano Bicycle Route
Start: Bressanone (560 m)
End: Bolzano (260 m)
Length: about 42 km
Estimated cycling time: about 3 hours
Drop in altitude: from north to south a drop of 320 m, no real ascents
Characteristics: almost all the track is asphalted, several galleries (illuminated, no traffic)
Train & bicycle: regional trains with limited transportation of bicycles (stops in Bressanone - Chiusa - Ponte Gardena - Bolzano)
Connection to further cycling routes of the cycling network in South Tyrol:
1. At Bressanone: Alta Valle Isarco cycling track to Passo del Brennero
2. At Bolzano: Bassa Atesina cycling track to Ora/Salorno/Trento
3. At Bolzano: Val d’Adige cycling track to Merano
4. At Bolzano: Oltradige cycling track to Appiano/Caldaro

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