Walking tour from Nova Ponente to the Schönrast-Alm

Easy but demanding walking tour to the mountain huts Laab, Neuhütt and Schönrast.

The ideal starting point of this walking tour is the crossing at the village entrance of Nova Ponente (Deutschnofen) next to the coffee shop Luise. Today we want to discover the beautiful walking paths on the Monte Regolo (Regglberg). The first section towards the Laab-Alm we walk along an asphalt road, which first proceeds through the meadows and then steeper through the forest. There the road transitions into a gravel path (marker no. 1) which leads us further to the Neuhütt-Alm mountain hut. On our way we enjoy the amazing view on the Sciliar (Schlern), Catinaccio (Rosengarten), Latemar, Pala di Santa (Zanggenberg) and Corno Bianco (Weißhorn).

At the Neuhütt-Alm we take the path no. 2A further towards the Schönrast-Alm, which is located on a big clearing in the conifer forest. In this beautiful ambience we take a longer rest, plenty of people enjoy the sun in the meadows. Until here the path was easy to walk but nevertheless exhausting, due to its length of 10 km. For all those, who don’t want to walk back the long distance again, there is the possibility to walk down to S. Pietro (Petersberg) along the path no. 15, this takes about 1 hour. At S. Pietro the local bus brings you back to Nova Ponente.

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Notice: If you want to do this walking tour please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Nova Ponente (Café Luise)
Route: Nova Ponente - Laab-Alm - Neuhütt-Alm - Schönrast-Alm
Markers: 1, 1B, 1, 2A, 15
Distance: 10.5 km (each direction)
Walking time: approx. 3 to 3.5 hours (each direction)
Altitude difference: approx. 530 m
Altitude level: 1,365 to 1,750 m asl.
Experienced in: July 2010
Family-friendly? Yes! The paths are in very good condition and easy to walk. Indeed stamina is required.
Further information: tourist association Nova Ponente, phone: +39 0471 616567

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