Hiking on the southern slope of the Latemar

Discover the high alpine nature of the Dolomites between Obereggen and Pampeago.

Our starting point for this walking-tour on an early summer day is the chairlift “Oberholz” at Obereggen which takes us up to the timberline, at more than 2,000 m asl. We follow the path no. 23 towards the Mayrl Alm and enjoy the view on the Monte Regolo, the Pala Santa and on the Corno Bianco and Corno Nero.
The high alpine vegetation is in full bloom and will surprise us again several times today.

Along the forest edge the path leads across rocks, through giant Swiss pines and meadows.
After a rest at the Mayrl Alm we walk further to the Passo Pampeago where the paths cross. We take the no. 505 which leads us to the Ganischgeralm and to the Zischgalm (both are mountain huts). Here the first steep part waits for us. We follow the path no. 521 which is also known as “Sentiero geologico Dos Capel” (fossils from the prehistory can be found here), cross the border to the Trentino and reach the Passo Feudo. At this point the chairlifts from the Val di Fiemme come up. The path still leads higher up, we follow the no. 516 until the diversion to the path no. 22.

Looking up now we see the Rifugio Torre di Pisa (Latemarhütte), but the clouds become denser and so we decide not to walk up today but to come back to Oberholz along the path no.22. A quite right decision, because the first raindrops are falling shortly afterwards. Looking down we see the village of Pampeago where still the sun is shining.
The absolute highlight now in early summer is the vegetation up here, all rare alpine flowers can be found. And also the view on the strange shaped peaks of the Latemar offers a gorgeous photo motif.

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Notice: If you would like to do this walking-tour please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Obereggen (valley station chairlift Oberholz)
Route: Obereggen/Oberholz - Mayrl Alm – Passo Pampeago - Ganischger Alm – Passo Feudo - Oberholz
Markers: 23, 521 (Sentiero geologico Dos Capel), 516, 22
Distance: approx. 8.3 km (entire circular walk)
Walking time: approx. 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 460 m
Altitude level: 2,000 – 2,350 m
Experienced in: June 2010
Further information: Tourist board Val d’Ega, phone: +39 0471 616 567

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