On the Wormisionssteig trail to Passo Stelvio

Alpine mountain tour from the Rifugio Forcola above Trafoi to the Cima Garibaldi and Passo dello Stelvio, on a primeval connection trail between north and south.

This tour takes us to different borders: tree lines, state borders, regional borders and language borders. In Trafoi, we take the chairlift, taking us to the Rif. Forcola mountain hut at 2,150 m asl. From this place you can enjoy a perfect view of the Ortles glacier. The path no° 20 is a narrow, but well-maintained path, leading up towards the Passo dello Stelvio. Soon we reach the tree line and a high-Alpine landscape with scars flora strikes the eye. What prevails here is a stone desert, on the opposite side of the valley, there is the ice desert with the Ortles glacier.

We keep walking up, rocks and stones replace the meadows in this altitudes. Taking a closer look at the surroundings, we discover, however, how many plants and flowers en miniature are hidden between the scars detritic cones. Nature and life cannot even be stopped at this altitude, of about 3,300 m asl. Past the Lago d’Oro lake and the fortresses of WW1 (information panels inform you about the horrible war in those days), we’ve almost reached our walking destination.

A few metres are left before reaching the Cima Garibaldi, located at the border of Italy and Switzerland. “Rifugio Garibaldi” is a mountain hut that looks like a little castle. It marks the point where the Italian province of Lombardy meets the Engadine and the mainly German-speaking South Tyrol. Just below, there is the Umbrail pass in the west and the Passo dello Stelvio in the south. We walk towards the latter and take the bus back to Trafoi.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions.

Starting point: Rif. Forcola (chairlift mountain station)
Route: Rif. Forcola - Lago d’Oro lake - Cima Garibaldi - Passo Stelvio
Signpost: Goldseeweg, Wormisionssteig, no° 20
Altitude difference: 755 m ascent, 120 m descent
Altitude: between 2,150 and 2,870 m
Route: about 8.7 km
Walking time: 3 hours
Experienced: August 2013

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