Ski tour to Mount Altacroce

The 2,742 m high Mount Altacroce is considered one of the most beautiful ski tours in the Valle di Racines.

Starting point for our tour is the head of the Valle di Racines, at the parking space of the little chapel (voluntary fee). We traverse the bridge over the Rio di Racines river and start traversing the clear forest, first on a beaten path, soon in the open country. In a wide bend to the right (the terrain becomes steeper) we walk to the Malga Klammalm mountian hut.

After a short break we continue in a wide bend to the left. The route is still the same for the Piccola Punta di Montecroce, the kid brother of our destination. We walk across a little dam wall (2,000 m asl). Across a very steep slope oriented towards east, the crux of the tour (avalanche prone), we reach the Butsee lake (2,340 m asl). Now the terrain becomes highly impressive and Alpine, the view back becomes more and more breathtaking. Finally the last south-oriented slope is really steep is overcome, it takes us to a ridge underneath the summit, which is finally reached on foot.

Notice: highly impressive tour, perfect summit and unique view, but it requires absolutely secure conditions and Alpine experience.

Author: BS

Important: if you want to do this ski tour please take information about the current conditions (snow and weather situation, avalanche risk) on site!

Starting point: Valletta in Racines, at the chapel at the head of the valley (1,482 m asl)
Character: worthwhile and varied tour with perfect grounds for skiing and a unique view
Route: Valletta - Malga Klammalm - Butsee lake - Mount Altacroce - Valletta
Walking time: approx. 3 - 3.5 hours
Orientation of the slopes: NW, NE
Altitude difference: 1,300 m
Rest point:
Experienced in: January 2010
Further information: tourist office Racines, phone: +39 0472 760 608

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