The small but mighty village of Sirmiano is located at 687 m asl above Nalles.

Until 1964, Sirmiano belonged to the municipality of Tiso, afterwards it was affiliated to the municipality of Nalles. The road stretches past Castel Schwanburg in Nalles and snakes up to the road to Sirmiano, also called Sirmiano di Sotto, located at 687 m asl. Surrounded by fruit orchards and vineyards, in this area the famous and tasty Weißsirmianer wine thrives, which is produced of Pino Blanc grapes.

Those who love hiking can take a deep breath in Sirmiano, as it offers plenty of possibilities for leisure time activities under the open sky. Particularly recommendable is a hike to the so-called Apollonia church or the viewpoint Burgstalleck.

Slightly underneath Sirmiano, at the top of a rock that falls away sharply on three sides, there is Castel Payrsberg, dating back to the 13th century and constructed by the lords Herren von Payr.

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