San Pancrazio

San Pancrazio is the first village you reach on your way to the Val d’Ultimo.

Proceeding from Lana into the Val d’Ultimo, you soon reach the village of S. Pancrazio, located at 735 m asl. At the entrance of the village, the fortress of Castel Eschenlohe strikes your view, which since the 12th century has also be called Castel d’Ultimo. Above the village, there is the S. Helena church, which is a popular hiking destination.

What also strikes the view is the majestic parish church with its 56 m high Gothic church steeple. What is also worth mentioning and visiting is the “Häusl am Stein”, literally translated as “house on the stone”, which was spared by floodings at the end of the 19th century, as located on a huge rock spur. In this flooding, the entire village was devastated by the waters. Thanks to a torrent control, there is no more danger today.

By the way: Josef Egger, one of the most famous historians of Tyrol, was born in S. Pancrazio.

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