Picco Ivigna

A remarkable panoramic mountain high above Merano is the Grande Ivigna, also called Picco Ivigna.

Mt Ivigna, the local mountain of Scena and Avelengo, is a huge granite rock towering at 2,581 m asl. It is located in the Merano 2000 hiking and skiing area and can be climbed from the Val Sarentino, Falzeben above Avelengo as well as from Scena. The normal route from Avelengo and the Val Sarentino up to slightly below the summit is rather easy. The Merano 2000 funicular takes you at 1,900 m asl, from where you reach the slightly lower Piccolo Ivigna (2,522 m asl) via Kuhleitner alpine pasture.

The ascend from Scena is more challenging. The summit of the Grande Ivigna (2,581 m asl), compared to its minor neighbour Piccolo Ivigna (2,522 m asl) can only be climbed via the rather exposed south-west ridge. However, once the top of the mountain is reached, you are compensated by a fabulous 360° view on the Zillertal and Oetztal Alps, the Texel Group and the Ortles Alps up to the Dolomites.

Did you know that the funicular on Mt Ivigna is one of the only remaining and still operating funiculars established by the famous South Tyrolean funicular builder Hans Troyer (1905 - 1992)?

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