Hiking across high saddles in Val Passiria

This hike provides a breath-taking view of Val Sarentino.

Our hike starts at the Wannser Hof at 1,410 m asl and proceeds via path n° 14. We remain on this path and reach the Wannser Alm at 1,641 m. We keep on walking further into the valley, first on the valley bottom, later on on the left on the other riverside across the slope and finally at the head of the valley on a military path, snaking its way in hairpin bends. This path was already been used during WWs. We are still walking on path n° 14 and reach the “Wannser Joch” at 2,247 m, which represents the border to Val Sarentino.

Now we proceed on the other side, in Val Sarentino towards west on path n° 12B, we cross the steep southern slope of the Alpenspitze to the “Östliches Sailer Joch” at 2,330 m, which is the highest point of the hike. We come back to the Val Passiria side (towards north) and reach the Sailer Alm alpine pasture on trail n° 14A.

Along the left riverside we reach the Sailer Hof at 1,424 m. Finally we cross the river towards Wannser Hof (trail n° 12) and we reach our starting point. As alternative to this tour you can also scale the “Oetschspitze” (2,590 m) starting from Wannser Joch and return via Wannser Tal valley to Wanns.

Walking time: some 6 hours
Altitude difference: 950 m
Altitude: 1,410 - 2,330 m asl
Possible stops at: Wannser Alm, Sailer Alm
Degree of difficulty: alpine trail of medium difficulty
Path number: 14, 12B, 14A, 12, 15
Please note: trail from Wannser Joch to Sailer Joch is well walkable, but there are rather narrow passages and you need to be free from giddiness. Recommended equipment: sturdy shoes/alpine boots and mountain equipment
Further information: tourist office Val Passiria, tel.: +39 0473 656188, info@passeiertal.it

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