From the Val Senales to the Farms of Unterstell

Along the Alta Via di Merano high route we walk from the village of Monte S. Caterina in the Val Senales valley to the Unterstell farms at the Monte Sole in Naturno.

This walking tour promises beautiful views on the Val Senales valley, the Val Venosta and Reinhold Messners Juval Castle. Our starting point is Monte S. Caterina in Senales. The village is located on a hill in the lower Val Senales valley. Along the path no. 10A we climb up to the junction with the Alta Via di Merano path (no. 24) which we follow towards south-east.

We pass picturesque old farms (Unterperfl, Wand, Kopfron, Waldhof) and reach first the Innerunterstell inn, then the route leads us to the Linthof and Patleid farms at the Monte Sole in Naturno. There we take the path no. 10 down to Unterstell. For the way back you can either take the same route or you choose the cable car to Naturno and then the public bus back to Monte S. Caterina.

This section of the Alta Via di Merano high route proceeds across meadows and through woods on the steep slopes of the lower Val Senales valley, along well-prepared forest paths, which require surefootedness but are easy to walk. Past little waterfalls and extremely located mountain farms we can only guess how difficult farming has been here for hundred of years. Also impressive is the view from the Val Senales valley across the lower Val Venosta, the villages in the valley and the neighbouring mountain groups.

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If you want to do this walking tour, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Monte S. Caterina / Katharinaberg (village centre)
Destination: Unterstell (cable car station)
Markers: 10A, 24, Meraner Höhenweg / Alta Via di Merano, 10, 10A
Distance: approx. 7 km
Walking time: approx. 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 420 m uphill, 370 m downhill
Altitude level: between 1,240 and 1,510 m asl.
Experienced in: autumn 2010

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