Walk across the heath of Malles

A circular walk across the heath of Malles, on the traces of the Tyrolean granary.

This easy walking tour leads us through the area of the Malles heath, the biggest scree of the Eastern Alps. For centuries the upper Val Venosta was considered to be the “Tyrolean granary”. Rye and other types of corn luxuriate here and because of the so-called Waale also enough water is available.

Our walk starts at the village center of Malles, we walk along the road Dr.-Flora-Straße towards north until the chapel Santi Ausiliatori (Nothelferkapelle) where we turn off right into the road Spinaid-Straße. Along the forest edge the road leads upwards to the hamlets Ultimo (Ulten) and Alsago (Alsack). At Ultimo the ascent is done. Here we turn off left into the field road which leads across the entire heath of Malles. Like this we reach the village of Burgusio (Burgeis) which is located below the famous Marienberg monastery.

Burgusio is a picturesque village, plenty of houses are decorated with mural paintings. After a rest we walk on downhill along the bike and walk path towards Clusio (Schleis). From there Malles is not far.

The described route almost entirely leads along asphalt roads, a markable ascent exists only at the beginning. This walking tour is not recommended on hot days because shadow only hardly can be found. The route can also be done by bike (extensible until San Valentino and Resia).

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Notice: If you want to do this walking tour please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Malles (village center)
Distance: approx. 11.8 km
Markers: 15, Ulten, Burgeis, 9, 10
Altitude difference: 380 m
Altitude level: 1,080 to 1,440 m asl.
Walking time: approx. 3.5 hours
Experienced in: June 2011

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