Hiking with children

South Tyrol and its many hiking tours for families offer a lot of fun for children and adults.

A family hiking tour always is a very special experience. Children see the world through different eyes and sometimes make us aware of things we probably don’t see anymore. South Tyrol is a true paradise for hiking tours with children, many of the trails are accessible for prams. We have chosen some hiking tours for you, which will make your holiday in South Tyrol an adventure for children and adults. Have breakfast, pack your rucksack and let’s go!

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Suggested accommodations

  1. Kompatscherhof


  2. Hotel Lüsnerhof

    Hotel Lüsnerhof

  3. Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

    Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

  4. Hotel Untertheimerhof

    Hotel Untertheimerhof

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