Stundenweg trail: from monastery to monastery

The Stundenweg trail connects the Son Jon monastery in Müstair (Swizzerland) to the Monte Maria abbey in Burgusio, Malles in Val Venosta. A border-crossing hiking experience in two parts.

The Val Müstair is the western side valley of the Val Venosta. From a linguistical and political viewpoint, the valley at the Rambach river, an affluent of the Adige river, is split in two: the lower part round Tubre is located in Italy and is German-speaking, while the upper part of the valley belongs to the municipality of Müstair, the official language of which is Romansh.

The walk is varied and interesting from a cultural historic and scenic view and provides a great view of the upper Val Venosta. The information panels of the Stundenweg (hours’ trail) also provide encounters with historical, natural historic and spiritual topics. As the walking time for the 20 km long trail is more than 6.5 hours and the visit to the monasteries as well as the breaks also take some time, we decided to split the tour in two, ideal for a two-days walk.

Please note: actually, rockfall closed the section from Müstair to Laudes (last update 12.19.2016). The section form Laudes to Monte Maria (Burgusio) is open.

  1. Stundenweg trail section 1: from Müstair to Laudes

    Stundenweg trail section 1: from Müstair to Laudes

    Starting from Müstair at the Swiss border, we walk to Tubre and past the castle…
  2. Stundenweg trail section 2: from Laudes to Monte Maria

    Stundenweg trail section 2: from Laudes to Monte Maria

    On the slope in the west of the Malser Heide, we walk on a wide forested trail…

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