To the Forcella dell’Orso at the Ortles

This mountain hike via the Tabaretta mountain hut to the Forcella dell’Orso mountain crest (Bärenkopfscharte) at the northern foothills of the Ortles mountain offers gorgeous views and high alpine glacial air.

The route which we take is the lower part of the classical ascent to the Ortles mountain (3,905 m asl.). But our tour today will stay comfortable… Therefore we take the Orso chair lift in Solda, which takes us up to the K2 mountain hut, at 2,300 m asl. There our hike starts.

We follow the marker no. 4A (later no. 4) towards north. Blooming alpenroses surround us but soon the landscape changes and we cross the scree of the Marlet Glacier. After about one hour hike along the comfortable high route now the ascent to the Tabaretta mountain hut (2,565 m asl.) starts. The path proceeds further towards the Rif. Payer mountain hut through rocky terrain. A number of serpentines later we have reached the 2,870 m high Monte dell’Orso mountain ridge. The view is impressive: from the Stelvio mountain pass with its famous road to the Ortles, Solda in the valley and the peaks of the Angelo Grande mountain.

Those who want to carry on are able to proceed further to the Rif. Payer mountain hut at 3,000 m asl. But for us, the hike ends here for today and we start our way back - of course with a stop at the Tabaretta mountain hut!

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If you want to do this mountain hike, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Solda, K2-mountain hut (mountain station of the Langenstein chair lift)
Markers: 4A, 4
Distance: approx. 5.5 km each direction
Walking time: about 2.5 hours ascent, about 2 hours descent
Altitude difference: approx. 640 m
Altitude level: between 2,280 and 2,870 m asl.
Experienced in: June 2015
Please note: mostly easy alpine path but crumbling scree and slippery spots on the steep slope!

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