Turnauna and Glorenza Waalweg path

From the Val Monastero to Glorenza in the western Val Venosta, on the traces of the reawakening nature.

Nature, history and culture all in one, this is what our discovery tour through the Val Monastero offers. Starting point is the Son Jon monastery at Müstair, located just behind the border to Switzerland in the west of Tubre in Val Monastero. The church of the monastery, dating back to the period of Charlemagne, is the first highlight of our tour. The early Mediaeval frescoes in the interior belong to the Unesco World Heritage Site.

The Plaz Grond in the village of Müstair we follow the signpost “Stundenweg”, leading across green meadows at the entrance of the Avigna valley to Tures. In the village centre of Tures we follow the signpost no. 8 towards Calvenwald / Turnauna. This is how we reach the parish church of S. Blasius. On the right the path leads down to the S. Johann church, harkenig back on an animated history. Its wall paintings as well as the ancient stone altar are worth a visit.

The next stage to the Calva forest stretches along the ancient irrigation canal via the debris cone of the Turnauna. On the eastern end the path and the irrigation canal (Waalweg) stretch down to the valley. For some metres we follow the cycling route towards the head of the valley, on the southern side of the valley it joins the “Glurnser Mitterwaal”, another ancient canal that, however, does no longer carry water. The path that parallels this canal provides a great view of the Malser Haide meadow and its surroundings. After this walk down we proceed on the road to the village of Glorenza, where our walk ends with a visit of the picturesque centre.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions on site.

Starting point: Müstair (CH)
Signposts: Stundenweg, Dorfrundweg Taufers, 8, 9, Glurnser Mitterwaal, Glurns/Glorenza
Experienced: May 2013
Length of the trail: about 12.8 km
Walking time: about 3.5 h
Altitude difference: about 390 m ascent, 710 m way down
Altitude: between 920 and 1,330 m asl
Indication: alternative starting point: Tures in Val Monastero (about 2 km or 30 min shorter). If you start your walk in Müstair, don’t forget to bring your passport. In order to get to the starting point, there is a bus service from Glorenza to Tubre in Val Monastero.

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