High alpine tour on the Alta Via di Neves

Hiking through the unique glaciers landscape of the Zillertal Alps, at the foot of the mountains Gran Mesulé and Punta Bianca.

We leave our car at the parking space near Lake Neves in Lappago (subject to a 4 euros charge) and start our tour hiking along the lake shore towards North until we reach the signpost “Chemnitzer Hütte/Rif. Porro“, which leads us into the forest. We gain height on a well maintained hiking trail, which crosses the forest road several times. Passing the Malga the Neves mountain hut we finally arrive at Rifugio Porro (at 2,419 metres asl). After a short rest we continue our tour on trail no. 1, the Alta Via di Neves.

At the foot of the mountains Gran Mesulé and Punta Bianca we hike quite steeply upwards towards North before the trail leads us down to a mountain brook, which we cross over a small bridge. From here, the trail leads us up and down through the impressive glaciers landscape at the foot of the Zillertal Alps. Since one section of the trail was washed away by a thunderstorm, we hike on a very well signposted alternative trail, which leads us to a beautiful glacier lake.

We enjoy breathtaking views of the Fundres mountains, Lake Neves, the Dolomites in the South and even closer: Cima di Campo, Punta Bianca, Gran Mesulè. The country is partly grassy, partly rocky, some sections are secured with ropes. Again and again we are impressed by glacier streams rushing down to the valley.

After about 3.5 hours of hiking on the Alta Via di Neves we reach Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio (at 2,545 metres asl), where we taste Toni’s delicious local dishes. After a very nice lunch rest we take trail no. 26 through the Valle delle Pipe until we finally reach Lake Neves, our starting point.

Please note: This hiking tour is of medium difficulty and requires a good physical condition as well as good hiking boots. However, after heavy thunderstorms some streams can grow significantly and not be passable anymore. Therefore, a good preparation and early departure are indispensable.

Author: BS

Please note: When you plan to do this hiking tour, please inform yourself on the conditions of the trail!

Starting point: Lake Neves (1,868 metres asl)
Trail route: Lake Neves - Rif. Porro - Alta Via di Neves - Rif. Ponte di Ghiaccio - Lake Neves
Trail numbers: 24, 1, 26 (Alta Via di Neves)
Walking time: 6 - 8 hours (1.5 hours to Rif. Porro, approx. 4 hours for the Alta Via di Neves, approx. 1.5 hours from Rif. Ponte di Ghiaccio to Lake Neves)
Length: approx. 16 km
Altitude difference: approx. 1,470 metres
Experienced in: September 2011
Mountain restaurants: Rifugio Porro (open from the middle of June to the middle of October), Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio (open from the middle of June to the middle of October)
More information: Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio, tel.: +39 0474 653230, Rifugio Porro, tel.: +39 0474 653 244

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    from 04/02/18 to 04/16/18
    7 nights from 590 € per person

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