Avelengo village

The centre of the village of Avelengo was able to preserve its rural character up to the present day.

Avelengo, the main village of the homonymous municipality, is located in idyllic position high above the valley basin of Merano, surrounded by an intact natural landscape. Located only a stone’s throw from the thermal city, rural life was able to be preserved up to the present day. Farmsteads, large fields and grazing horses characterise the region.

The parish church dedicated to S. Giovanni in the centre attracts due to its prehistoric stone relief at the exterior facades. Also worth a visit is the little sacrament building located between the Locherweg and the access to the Nusserhof farm, dating back to the period of the pest around 1600.
A peciuliarity of Avelengo are also its famous horses, which owe their name to the village from which they originate. This horse breed is one of the most versatile of the world, originating in the mountains of South Tyrol. This horse is also illustrated on the municipal coat of arms of Avelengo.

Our tip: a hike to the Alpe di Verano as well as a walk to the so-called “Knottnkino”, a natural cinema. A special natural experience for the whole family.

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