Castel Schöneck is the jewel of Molini, located at 960 m asl.

Molini, this is how a further village belonging to Falzes is called. It is located about 3 km from the main place and has only got some 30 inhabitants. Despite of its rather modest dimensions, Molini offers a particular natural monument that is worth to be noticed, that is to say a columnar crown spruce (Picea Excelsa). Close to this particular tree, there is a restaurant for gourmets.

Name-giving for this restaurant is Castel Schöneck, a Medieval castle dating back to the 12th century, constructed by the Signori di Rodank. Unfortunatly today it can no longer be visited inside.

In walking distance, there is also a bathing pond, that is to say the Laghetto d’Issengo, providing refreshment on hot summer days.

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