Close to the village of Oris, there is the protected area of the meadows of Oris, habitat for many rare animals and plants.

The village of Oris is located at the outlet of Tanas, at the foot of the Montesole of the Val Venosta. For centuries the river caused flood debris accumulations, at the end of the 13th century, a huge mudslide destroyed the upper part of the village with the S. Bartlmä church.

In the period of the stage coaches, Oris experienced an economic boom, as already in 1838 it was considered one of the most important traffic junctions and post stations of the Val Venosta valley. Only when the bypass was completed in 1950, the economic activities shifted to the new road.

In the environs, there are several trails, ideal for comfortable walks with your beloved ones. A particularly recommendable excursion destination is the protected area or Oris, which has been reunited in 2004 to the Natura 2000 area, together with the meadows of Sluderno and Cengles.

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