Nonsberg Group

Most of the Nonsberg Group belongs to Trentino, but the Mendola mountain located above Caldaro and Appiano borders on South Tyrol.

The Nonsberg Group is part of the southern Limestone Alps, the Mendola chain makes up most of the mountain group. In the north, the Nonsberg Group is delimitated by the high forest of Prissiano at the Passo delle Palade, in the east by the Val d’Adige and in the west by the Val di Non (Trentino).

The Val di Non, located in the valleys and on the slopes of the Nonsberg Group, is separated into the Alta Val di Non (South Tyrol) and the Val di Non in Trentino. Localities like Proves, Lauregno, Senale-San Felice, Fondo and Cles are characterised by a very special atmosphere. The mountain ranges which surround the popular Mt Penegal are the Fiemme Mountains in the east, the Sarentino Alps in the north east, and the Brenta Group and the Ortles Alps in the west.

The Nonsberg Group is a well-known biking and hiking area. The three most popular mountains are Mt Penegal (1,737 m asl), Mt Macaion (1,866 m asl) and Mt Roen (2,116 m asl). The 1,363 m high Passo Mendola is the connection of the provinces of South Tyrol and Trentino and both in summer and winter this mountain attracts people from all over. It can also be reached by the Mendola Funicular from Caldaro.

Highest peak: Mt Roen (2,116 m asl)
Major mountains: Mt Penegal, Mt Macaion, Mt Salomp, Coste Belle, Corno di Tres, Monticello
Area: South Tyrol and Trentino (both in Italy)

  1. Monte Macaion

    Monte Macaion

    Mt Macaion, also called Gantkofel, is famous for its striking form and the…
  2. Monte Luco

    Monte Luco

    The Monte Luco with its two peaks is almost 2,500 m high and the highest elevation…
  3. Passo della Mendola

    Passo della Mendola

    The 1,363 m high Passo della Mendola is situated in the south of Bolzano and can be…
  4. Monte Penegal

    Monte Penegal

    Mt Penegal (1,737 m asl) is is one of the highest peaks of the Mendola chain and of…
  5. Monte Roen

    Monte Roen

    The 2,116 m high Monte Roen above the village of Termeno is located on the border…

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