Rastenbachklamm Gorge

The wild romantic biotope with waterfalls and typical vegetation of a gorge is a popular destination in Caldaro.

A hike across the fascinating gorge, which lies hidden in the Castelvecchio forest near Caldaro, is a real adventure both for adults and children, as there is much to see…

The paths n° 1 and 13 take you across the wild romantic Rastenbachklamm Gorge and you have to overcome steps, bridges and waterfalls. Particularly in summer there is always an enjoyable cool breeze. Explore the fabulous gorge vegetation and take some nice pictures. We recommend you to undertake this hike with sturdy shoes - be cautious, slip hazard!

From the 15th to the 17th century, the area of Castelvecchio has been mined and for this reason it has also been populated very early. The ruin of the St Peter Basilica and its sacrificial altar, which is situated on the road to the gorge, can be found in this forest. It represents the first Christian church of this area.

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