Vipiteno Christmas Market

In the centre of Vipiteno which is surveyed by the impressive Torre delle Dodici, the Christmas Market of the city enchants visitors from all over.

The Christmas Market of Vipiteno is a popular meeting point in Christmas time. It takes place in the centre of the city, in the shades of the famous Torre delle Dodici tower, which really seems to supervise happenings on the lovely market. There is also an exhibition taking place in the Late Mediaeval mining city, providing information about the history of mining in this area.

The characteristic bays at the façades, provided with Christmas decoration, convey a very special flair and the cosy illumination at night-time makes this market even more romantic. Another highlight of the Christmas Market of Vipiteno is of course the Christmas crib exhibition with handmade products in the Torre delle Dodici. The market booths spread all over the city offer a wide variety of ideas for Christmas presents, sweet Christmas bakery and much more. And finally you have to taste a cup of hot tea or mulled wine. At Vipiteno you will be spoilt for choice… enjoy the solemn atmosphere at the Christmas Market of Vipiteno.

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