Alpine pasture walk around Proves

For centuries the area south-westerly of the Passo Castrin is used as Alpine meadows from the German and Italian rural communities. At the end of June the hillsides are covered with a large amount of different flowers fully in bloom.

We start our tour at the parking space between the tunnels on the road of the Passo Castrin. Here is the watershed between the Falschauerbach in the Val d’Ultimo and the Pescara-Bach which joins the reservoir of S. Giustina in the Val di Non. The marker no. 8 “Malga Castrin/Hofmahd” leads us uphill in north direction. After a few minutes through the forest we arrive at the Alpine meadow “Hofmahd” in an ocean of orchids and Alpine flowers. Here the path no. 133 turns left, we walk uphill until the forest. Soon the meadows of the Malghetto di Cloz (Obere Alm) follow.

We stay on the path no. 133 which leads us now through the larch and pine forest to the Malga Kessel. This pasture is located in a cirque which is formed by the mountains Cima Belmonte (Schöngrub), Vedetta Alta (Hochwart) and Monte Ometto (Mandelspitz). At this point the paths to Proves and to the Val d’Ultimo cross. We walk the forest road downhill until to the lower Malga Kessel (Untere Kesselalm) which operates. From here we follow our round walk to the Malga Revò (Rawaner Alm) and the Malga Cloz (Clazner Alm).

These two pastures are part of the Italian communities in the Val di Non and differ totally from the pastures of the German-speaking communities, also in architectural style (stonewalls vs. timber construction).
A gentle wide path now leads us back to the parking space. This walking tour is a pleasant hike along a language and culture border and impresses also with a variety of landscapes and flora.

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Notice: If you would like to do this walking tour please take information about the current situation on site!

Starting point: Parking space Passo Castrin (Hofmahdjoch) (immediately after the tunnel, also reachable by bus Ultimo-Proves-Lauregno)
Route: Hofmahdwiesen - Malga Kessel (upper) - Malga Kessel (lower) - Malga Revò - Malga Cloz
Marker: no. 8, 133, 7, 11, 6, 8
Altitude difference: approx. 450 m
Altitude level: between 1,680 und 1,932 m
Distance: approx. 7.5 km
Walking time: 2 to 3 hours
Experienced in: June 2013

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