Walk to the Malga di Tarres

The Malga di Tarres is considered the highlight in the area of Laces in the Val Venosta valley. From the parking space of the valley station of the chairlift of Tarres to the Alpine pasture you need to overcome 800 m of altitude difference.

The area in the south of Tarces near Laces is characterised by a dense mixed and coniferous forest. The little road takes from the village to a parking space at the lower terminus of the chairlift “Malga di Tarres/Tarscher Alm”). This is where our walk starts: We follow the trail no° 1 to the Tarscher Alm. At the beginning the trail leads in western direction, without any considerable ascent, along a forested trail. After a clearing, the trail becomes steeper and more rough.

The trail leading to the Malga di Tarres (1,940 m) is about 4 km long, only at its very end, the Alpine meadows replace the dense forest.
The Malga di Tarres is both very popular with vacationers and locals. After a well-deserved break we start walking back down, not on the steep forest trail, but along the forested road which after a short section branches off to the left. It takes down to the parking space in a series of hairpin bends. Highly impressive is this walk for those who love nature and those who love dense and shady forests.

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Before you decide to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions.

Starting point: Parking space at the valley station of the chairlift “Tarscher Alm” at Tarres, Laces
Route: valley station chairlift Malga di Tarres - Malga di Tarres mountain hut and back
Signpost: no° 1, Forested road Malga di Tarres
Altitude difference: about 820 m
Altitude: between 1,180 and 1,940 m
Length of the trail: about 10 km
Walking time: 2 to 2.5 hours each direction
Experienced: September 2013

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