Mountain hike Rifugio Vedrette di Ries - Pizzo di Vedrette

The impressively located Rifugio Vedrette di Ries (mountain hut at 2,792 m asl.) is eco-labeled and starting point for various alpine tours.

The Rifugio Vedrette di Ries is one of the most famous alpine huts in the nature park Vedrette di Ries – Aurina. The starting point for our hike is the parking space “Säger” at Riva di Tures (Rein in Taufers) at the main road. It is a perfect summer day, we follow the marker no. 3 along the creek Riva and waterfalls through the dense forest. After about one hour walk we reach the “Äußere Gelltalalm” which is located on a plateau and we can take breath. Then we walk further to the “Innere Gelltalalm” at 2,067 m asl. In front of us the wide valley surrounded by mighty glaciated mountains and a rolling glacial stream. On a comfortable path we walk into the valley, at the end the path leads us up to the Gelltal-glacier towards the Rifugio Vedrette di Ries. An amazing panorama rewards us for the efforts, numerous 3,000 meter peaks in front of and behind us. At the ridge we can see the mountain hut and after crossing a small snowfield we have also reached it. Walking time until the mountain hut: 3.15 hours.

After a short rest we start again, this time towards the peak of the Pizzo di Vedrette (3,249 m asl.) which we can already see from the mountain hut. Famous neighbours of the Pizzo di Vedrette are the Monte Magro (3,270 m asl) and the Monte Nevoso (3,358 m asl.). Across smaller and bigger rocks and two small snowfields we walk uphill to the mountain top. Shortly below the ridge we also have to use our hands to overcome the steps. Then it’s done, we reach the top with a gorgeous summit cross and an amazing view on the surrounding glaciated 3,000 meter peaks. Walking time in total: 4.45 hours. Due to the distance of the hike don’t underrate the way back, which is done on the same route.

Notice: Very beautiful mountain path until the Rifugio Vedrette di Ries, which also offers overnight accommodation and is an ideal starting point for alpine tours. This hike is also recommended as a two-day tour. The mountain hut is also reachable from the Valle Anterselva (marker no. 3), from Vila di Sopra (marker no. 1) and from Gais (only for experts). Friendly landlord and fantastic view. The panorama at the top of the Pizzo di Vedrette is beyond words.
Stamina and step security is absolutely required!

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Please note: If you would like to do this mountain hike please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Riva di Tures, parking space “Säger”
Route: Riva di Tures – Rifugio Vedrette di Ries - Pizzo di Vedrette
Marker: no. 3
Walking time: 3-4 hours until the mountain hut, another 1 ½ to 2 hours until the Pizzo di Vedrette. Walking time in total: approx. 9 hours
Altitude difference: 1,720 m
Experienced in: mid-August 2009
Family-friendly? until the mountain hut OK for children with stamina and experience, the mountain peak only for real trained children/teenagers (very long distance!)
Further information: tourist association Valle Aurina, phone: +39 +39 0474 652081, email:

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