In the last Ice Age the area round Collepietra has been covered by huge masses of ice, traces of which are still perceivable today.

The tranquil mountain village of Collepietra, located at 820 m asl, belongs to the municipality of Cornedo. Surrounded by the imposing Latermar, the Sciliar and the Catinaccio mountain peaks, Collepietra is particularly popular with people who love active holidays. Far away from traffic you can sit back, relax and enjoy any activities you like this fabulous landscape.

Especially popular is the so-called pyramid round trail (Pyramidenrundweg), leading promenaders to the earth pillars of Collepietra across beautiful meadows and forests. These fantastic natural phenomenons are unique remnants of the Ice Age, towering into the sky above the village. These pillars are topped by a stone, their form keeps changing due to erosion, until they break down.

To those who are interested in culture we recommend a visit to the folk museum of Collepietra, focusing on rural life, almost forgotten handicraft trades as well as painful memories of the war period. This museum is by the way considered to be one of the most beautiful of South Tyrol.

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