The ruin of Castelchiaro, or Castel Leuchtenburg, seems to mount guard over Lake Caldaro.

Castelchiaro above Lake Caldaro towers into the sky in the surroundings of Castel Varco in the locality of Vadena. Probably the castle has been constructed in 1250 by the Lords of Rottenburg, but the exact date has not been documented. The Provincial Castle Institute “Südtiroler Burgeninstitut” even proceeds on the assumption that it has been constructed around 1200. The castle complex has been protected by a circular wall which protected the castle complex from assaults. Due to the fact that the position of the castle is not really well-protected it has presumably been constructed in order to impress.

Numerous castles of the Rottenburg leadership have been razed after the conflicts with Frederick IV, Duke of Austria, in 1410, but not Castelchiaro, which was handed over to the sovereigns and in the following years was lent to officials of Caldaro. After 1610 Castelchiaro remained uninhabited and started decaying.

Only in the 20th century the walls of the ruins were conserved. Castelchiaro consists of a circular wall inside which there were several residential buildings. However, today these buildings could only be preserved to some extend. However, there are also well-preserved rests of the great hall with frescos dating back to the 15th century.

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