Zillertal Alps

The famous Zillertal Alps, a subgroup of the European Central Alps, stretch from the Krimmler Achental valley in Austria to the Valle di Fundres in South Tyrol.

The Zillertal Alps are situated at the border of Austria and Italy. Most of this mountain range is part of Tyrolean territory, whereas one mountain peak is part of Salzburg. The highest mountains are the Gran Pilastro (3,510 m asl), the Grande Mèsule (3,478 m asl) and the Hochfernerspitze (3,463 m asl). In North Tyrol, the Zillertal Alps form the homonymous nature park.

The Zillertal Alps can be classified into the following subgroups: Tux Ridge, Zillertal Main Ridge, Reichenspitz Group as well as the Fundres Mountains and the Aurine Alps, the latter are situated on South Tyrolean territory. The Zillertal Alps are composed of granite gneiss and other rocks.

The Fundres Mountains include some popular mountain peaks. The glaciers in this area are slightly smaller and higher located than in other regions. However, reknown mountain peaks of the Fundres Mountains in South Tyrol are the Gran Pilastro (3,510 m asl) and the Picco della Croce (3,134 m asl). Worthwhile is a hike from the Neves reservoir in the Valle di Tures to the Ponte di Ghiaccio mountain hut at 2,545 m asl.

Highest peak: Gran Pilastro (3,510 m asl), first ascent on July 24, 1865, by Paul Grohmann, Georg Samer and Peter Fuchs
Major mountains: Grande Mèsule, Hochfernerspitze, Mt Lovello, Picco della Croce
Area: South Tyrol (Italy), North Tyrol and Salzburg (both in Austria)

  1. Monte Lovello

    Monte Lovello

    The Monte Lovello (Grosser Löffler) is southerly located from the Kleiner Löffler,…
  2. Grande Mèsule

    Grande Mèsule

    The second highest mountain in the Zillertal Alps - after the Gran Pilastro - is…
  3. Gran Pilastro

    Gran Pilastro

    The highest peak of the Zillertal Alps, the 3,510 m high Gran Pilastro, is famous…
  4. Sasso Nero

    Sasso Nero

    The Sasso Nero (3,368 m asl), or Schwarzenstein, is located on the Zillertal Main…
  5. Picco della Croce

    Picco della Croce

    The Picco della Croce is an imposing double peak in the heart of the Val di Vizze…

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