Hiking on the Val d’Ultimo farms trail

Starting at the museum of the Val d’Ultimo in S. Nicolò, we hike on the farms trail towards S. Geltrude and back.

The Val d’Ultimo farms trail, in Italian „Via dei Masi“, is one of the best ways to get to know the valley and its beautiful old mountain farms. Starting in Pracupola, we follow the trail on the sunny side of the valley until S. Geltrude and hike back on its shady side. The Val d’Ultimo farms trail is 18 km long and can be done in one or two days.

Today, we decide to do the longer of the two parts of the Val d’Ultimo farms trail. Starting at the museum of the Val d’Ultimo in S. Nicolò, we pass the church and hike upwards, following the signpost „Via dei Masi“. First, the trail leads up the valley into the forest. We see and smell the first signs of spring.

Up and down the valley, across some small bridges and passing several beautiful mountain farms with typical shingle roofs, we follow the trail through forest and meadows. The trail is very well marked and maintained. After about 3 km, we reach the highest point of this hiking tour (at 1,468 metres asl).

Getting closer to the top of the valley, the trail leads gently downwards until we reach the village S. Geltrude. After a short rest we start our way back on the other side of the Valsura river. After about 20 minutes from S. Geltrude, we pass the huge old larches of the Val d’Ultimo before we finally reach S. Nicolò, the starting point of the Val d’Ultimo farms trail, which unites culture, way of life, history and nature in a very beautiful and unique way.

Please note: This tour is particularly recommendable from late spring (when also the shady side of the valley is empty of snow) until autumn.

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Please note: When you plan to do this hiking tour, please inform yourselves on the conditions of the trails!

Starting point: museum of the Val d’Ultimo in S. Nicolò (at 1,256 metres asl)
Trail route: S. Nicolò - S. Geltrude - old larches - S. Nicolò
Trail numbers: “Via dei Masi“
Walking time: approx. 3 hours
Length: 10.6 km
Altitude difference: 430 metres
Experienced in: April 2011
Suitable for families? Yes, for children who are used to walk. We particularly recommend the section from S. Geltrude to the old larches.
More information: tourist board Val d’Ultimo-Alta Val di Non, tel: +39 0473 795387, e-mail: info@ultental-deutschnonsberg.info

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