Ski tour to Mount Muro di Fleres

Mount Muro (2,628 m asl) in the Val di Fleres valley is a classical and highly frequented destination for ski tours.

Starting point for our ski tour is the parking space (subject to charges from 7 am to 1 pm) at the Steinhof farms in Fleres, that can be reached following the signpost “Stein/Sasso” across a bridge. Alternatively you can park in the surroundings of the bridge, walking the remaining 2.5 km. From the parking space we start walking on a moderately steep forested trail towards west, leading across the forest that starts clearing up. We overcome an avalanche cone and reach the Malga Ochsenalm mountain hut (1,650 m asl), where we turn off to the left and follow the path that takes us past an ancient goods cable lift to the Grubenalm (1,893 m asl) and to the open country.

Across impressive hollows and mountain backs, we walk towards south, traversing the Fortalm high valley. On the opposite side of the valley, looking back, there is the mighty Tribulaun mountain, catching our sight from time to time. A relatively short valley floor takes us to the steep slope at the foot of the Passo di Farma. Don’t underestimate this slope, don’t traverse too far on the left. Finally we reach the ski depot and walk to the highest point on foot, in about 10 - 15 minutes we reach the highest point of the Monte Muro (2,628 m asl).

Notice: this ski tour is of medium difficulty as far as skiing techniques are concerned, and requires absolutely secure conditions. The ascent on the forested trail can be cut in the forest. The last steep slope is not to be underestimated. For the mountain ridge, you need to be sure-footed and free from dizziness.

Author: BS

Important: if you want to do this ski tour please take information about the current conditions (snow and weather situation, avalanche risk) on site!

Starting point: Stein/Fleres di Dentro, subject to charges at the Steinhof farms
Character: one of the classics in the Val di Fleres valley, Stubai Alps; mighty slopes in the upper part of the tour, less exciting at the beginning across the forest; area underneath the Passo di Farma requires absolutely secure conditions
Route: Sasso - Rif. Ochsenalm (1,650 m) - Passo di Farma (2,528 m) - Monte Muro (2,628 m asl)
Walking time: approx. 3 - 3.5 hours
Orientation of the slopes: N
Altitude difference: 1,250 m
Rest point:
Experienced in: January 2010
Further information: tourist association Colle Isarco, phone: +39 0472 632 372

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