Ski tour to the Giovo Grande

The ski tour to the Giovo Grande leads us to the heart of the Braies mountains and is considered rather easy.

Starting point for our ski tour to the Giovo Grande is the parking space near the Ponticello tavern (Brückele) in Braies, on the right in front of the bridge. From this place we walk towards the head of the valley on the forested trail for about 1 km. Reaching the riverbed, we traverse the river and zigzag the slope, scaling the draw. Otherwise you can also take the summer path. We traverse the slope underneath the rocks and follow the summer path that takes us to the “Kaserle” and to the Obere Rossalm mountain hut (2,142 m).

Walking past the mountain hu, the Giovo Grande is visible. In the open country, past the Giovo Piccolo, we head for our final walking destination. From this moderate elevation, we enjoy a breathtaking view of the Croda del Becco mountainside that falls away sharply. The Lago di Braies lake, the Sesto Dolomites with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo… just amazing. Caution when you ski down, cornices!

Notice: this ski tour is easy and worthwhile, alone for the great panorama. The ascent via the draw at the beginning requires secure conditions.

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Important: if you want to do this ski tour please take information about the current conditions (snow and weather situation, avalanche risk) on site!

Starting point: Brückele tavern, Braies Vecchia (1,500 m asl)
Character: easy tour, also suitable for less experienced ski mountaineers
Path: Brückele tavern - Malga Rossalm - Giovo Grande - Malga Rossalm - Brückele tavern
Walking time: approx. 3 hours
Distance: approx. 7 km (ascent)
Orientation of the slopes: NE, SE
Altitude difference: 980 m
Rest point: Malga Rossalm (check the opening hours)
Experienced in: February 2011
Further information: tourist association Val di Braies valley, phone: +39 0474 748 660

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