Castel Salorno

Castel Salorno, also called Haderburg, is located in the most southern village of South Tyrol which is Salorno.

Castel Salorno dates back to Medieval times and is located on a soaring rock spur above the homonymous village. The castle marks the lingual border of German (or bilingual) and only Italian speaking inhabitants (South Tyrol and Trentino). The building is one of the most important monuments of South Tyrol.

Castel Salorno has been constructed by the Earls of Salorno in the 13th century. Thereupon it repeatedly changed hands, first the castle was in possession of the Lords of Tyrol, in 1284 the castle was handed on to Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia. In the 14th century the House of Habsburg owned the castle complex. In 1514, under the rule of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, the complex was enlarged and renewed. Several decades after, Castel Salorno lost its strategic significance and started to decay. Since 1648 the castle is owned by the Venetian Earls Zenobio-Albrizzi and their descendants.

Still today Castel Salorno is a really impressive complex, but it is not inhabited. The current owner, baron Ernesto Rubin de Cervin Albrizzi, renovated and consolidated the castle complex by means of public funds. Since 2003 Castel Salorno has been reopened for the public and is accessible via a 890 m long steep path, which is called “Path of Visions” (walking time: 20 minutes). Today a castle tavern with Knights’ Hall offers medieval meals and autumn dishes.

Opening hours - castle tavern:
March 2017:
Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm
April 1, 2017:
official opening at 3 pm
from April 2 to October 29, 2017:
from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm

Further information:
phone: +39 335 6029490,

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