Texel Group

The Texel Group or Gruppo di Tessa, surrounded by the homonymous nature park, is a mountain group of the Oetztal Alps.

The Texel Group is bounded by the Val Passiria in the east, by the Val Senales in the west and by the Val Venosta in the south. In the north, the Val di Fosse, located in the west of the Passo Gelato (2,895 m asl), forms the border with the Senales ridge. The high moutain region of the Texel Group is a jewel for those who love hiking and nature in general.

The highest peak of the Texel Group is the 3,337 m high Monte Rosso or Monterosso. In the 19th century, the mountain was called “Zehnerspitze” (Cima Dieci) and was used by the inhabitants of the near Val di Fosse to specify the time. The first ascent of the Monte Rosso took place on July 14, 1872, by Dr. Theodor Petersen along the southwest ridge. Also the Cima Tessa (3,318 m asl), the second highest peak of the mountain group, was first scaled by this alpinist. Further major mountains are the Cima Bianca Grande (3,281 m asl), the Cigot or Giogo di Tessa (2,998 m asl) and the Cima Rosa (2,625 m asl).

The Texel Group is completely situated in the homonymous nature park, the largest of its kind in South Tyrol, which is characterised by its diverse flora and fauna. Due to glacial ablation and water storage capacity, the area around the mountain group is rich in water. Here you can also find the famous Lakes of Sopranes, the largest high alpine lake plateau of South Tyrol. 10 beautiful mountain lakes are located in a limited area between 2,117 and 2,598 m asl.

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