Gaul Canyon

The Gaul Canyon in Lana in the Merano region is a protected area and popular excursion destination on hot summer days.

In Lana di Sopra (Oberlana), the Gaul Promenade along the Valsura river leads you into the Gaul Canyon - “Gaulschlucht” in German, “Gola di Lana” in Italian. Here, at the feet of Braunsberg Castle - which by the way offers a gorgeous panoramic view on Lana and its surroundings -, a cool and forested area with interesting vegetation can be found. A little jungle seems to grow here. Among others also bats live in the Gaul Canyon, it is a protected area.

Part of the path is the well-known Sculpture Path made by national and international artists. After a small clearing, the path proceeds across footbridges and through a tunnel past an abandoned power station. On both sides steep crags rise, quartz porphyry and gneiss are dominating, in between stripes of granite are visible. Afterwards two chain bridges await you before the path ends after about half an hour at a waterfall.

By the way, the already mentioned clearing at the entrance of the Gaul Canyon is venue of the Gaul Open Air Festival in late spring, in summer it is the setting for the Lana Open Air Theatre and in winter the skating ground can be found here. An excursion destination during all seasons…

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