Asparagus from Terlano

The asparagus is a very special kind of vegetable growing in Terlano from the end of March to the end of May.

Already the Greeks were familiar with the asparagus about 2,500 years ago and they used to call it “Asparagos”, which means “stem” or “sprout”.
The plant, as already its name reveals, belongs to the family of asparagaceae. What we eat are the sprouts of the so-called asamargus, which is considered to be very healthy and which is also very popular, above all with adults.

Often the asparagus is referred to as „edible ivory“ and due to its lightness as „spring air in stem“, ore even as „royal vegetable“. Once upon a time the asparagus was reserved for aristocratic savourers, the price for peasantry was much too high in those days.

The rootstalk of this perennial plant hibernates and sprouts in spring. These stems are harvested every year. Terlano, which is the asparagus stronghold of South Tyrol, is above all known for its white asparagus. This type of asparagus is called “Margarethe” and is really tasty.

However, there is also a green asparagus, which is even more rich in healthy substances. In contrast to the white asparagus, it must not be thoroughly peeled and can be used for all asparagus dishes. Moreover it can be combined with the white asparagus. You can even eat the asparagus raw, the typical taste of the asparagus, however, undolfs when you cook this delicious vegetable.

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