Farm Inns

South Tyrol offers a vast number of possibilities to enjoy typical homemade delicacies of the traditional South Tyrolean farmers cooking.

The “Törggele” season in autumn or the asparagus season in spring - in South Tyrol typical seasonal delicacies can be enjoyed in many places. We have compiled a selection of farmers inns, where traditional South Tyrolean farmers cooking with home-produced goods still is done.

Enjoy your meal!

  1. Ahner


    At the Ahner farm inn you can enjoy a gorgeous view on the Valle Isarco valley.
  2. Strasserhof


    Above the village of Novacella (Neustift), amidst vineyards, the Strasserhof farm…
  3. Steidlerhof


    High above Bolzano the Steidlerhof farmyard is enthroned, with an amazing panoramic…
  4. Schnalshuberhof


    The organic farm with its listed parlours invites to relax and enjoy.
  5. Schifferegger


    Connoisseurs know, that sweet desserts are dished up in huge portions here.
  6. Rauthof


    How about a glance into the kitchen? At the Rauthof farm inn this is possible.
  7. Raffeinhof


    At the farm inn Raffeinhof South Tyrolean farmers cooking with a gorgeous view on…
  8. Pschnickerhof


    The Pschnickerhof farmyard is located amidst chestnut groves and vineyards.
  9. Pirchhof


    The 700 years old so-called “Erbhof” is located on the sunny hill of Naturno,…
  10. Ungererhof


    The Ungererhof farm is located at the foot of the Monte Giovo mountain at 1,540 m…
  11. Moserhof


    Elisabeth and Michael Oberhollenzer are producing gorgeous organic cheese in their dairy.
  12. Pfrollnhof


    The Pfrollnhof farm inn offers a gorgeous view on the Val d’Ultimo valley and the…
  13. Planitzer


    The farm inn is located in the idyllic hamlet of Gleno, surrounded by gentle vineyards.
  14. Zmailer Hof

    Zmailer Hof

    The listed farmyard is an ideal hiking destination.
  15. Winklerhof


    The homemade spinach ravioli of Mrs. Fink are well-known among gourmets.
  16. Wassererhof


    The so-called “Farm by water” was already mentioned in a document in 1366.
  17. Villscheiderhof


    The Villscheiderhof farm is located at the famous “Kastanienweg”-path with gorgeous…
  18. Unteraichnerhof


    At the Unteraichnerhof farm inn a real rarity is offered: homemade mulberry juice.
  19. Niedermairhof


    The both panelled parlours invite to spend pleasant hours and to enjoy South…
  20. Oberpartegger


    The Oberpartegger farm and farm inn is nearly an entire self supporter.
  21. Kinigerhof


    The many herbs and berries from the own garden render a special touch to the farm…
  22. Gostnerhof


    Two snug parlours invite to take a seat and to get spoiled with typical South…
  23. Huberhof


    Above the basin of Bressanone, in the idyllic hamlet of Elvas, the Huberhof farm is…
  24. Fronthof


    The biggest preserved farmyard of South Tyrol, which was built of block of stones,…
  25. Birkenhof


    Above the village of Sluderno the Birkenhof farm inn is located from where a…
  26. Föhrnerhof


    The young farm woman Karin Bracchetti has already established herself in the male…
  27. Ebnicherhof


    The cosy parlour and the sun terrace of the farm inn invite to spend comfortable…
  28. Ebnerhof


    The young Unterthiner family spoils their guests with excellent home-grown wines…
  29. Gummererhof


    A special attraction at the Gummererhof farm inn is the home-grown champagne.
  30. Griesserhof


    A good drop of home-grown wine and typical South Tyrolean farmers cooking can be…
  31. Luggin Steffelehof

    Luggin Steffelehof

    The Luggin family serves biological delicacies out of the South Tyrolean farmers cooking.
  32. Oberlegar


    The both snug parlours and the sun terrace invite to relax and gourmandise typical…
  33. Obermoserhof


    From the Obermoserhof farm the uplands of the Valle Isarco can be ideally…
  34. Nalserbacherkeller


    The Pallweber family spoils their guests in the cosy “Törggele”-cellar or below the…
  35. Niedristhof


    At the Niedristhof farm inn in Perca great value upon own farmers products is set.
  36. Lüch de Survisc

    Lüch de Survisc

    Ladin cuisine and an unforgettable view at almost 1,500 m asl.
  37. Kofler zwischen den Wänden

    Kofler zwischen den Wänden

    Typical South Tyrolean farmers cooking at 1,530 m asl., in the heart of the mountains.
  38. Hubenbauer


    At the Hubenbauer farm inn even home-brewed beer is offered. Take pot luck!
  39. Larm-Hof


    The both panelled parlours at the Larm-Hof farm gave already lots of generations a home.
  40. Buchnerhof


    In the panelled parlour from the 17th century with masonry heater the Schenk family…