Delicacies from the farm

High-quality domestic products of South Tyrols farms can be tasted and purchased at a large number of providers.

In the sunny region of South Tyrol a variety of high-quality fruits, vegetables and herbs grows in the cottage gardens.

Animated by this abundance of natural “ingredients”, more than 60 South Tyrolean farms have decided to process and graft their products and to launch them under the quality label “Red Rooster”.

The “Red Rooster” guarantees, that the raw materials originate at least 75 % from the respective family business in South Tyrol. Small quantities may be bought in addition from other farms in South Tyrol. Furthermore only those products achieve the quality label, which have passed the sensory examination by an independent committee.

  1. Products


    Submerge yourself in a variety of domestic South Tyrolean farm products.
  2. Producers


    South Tyrol’s farmers market their own refined products under the quality label…

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