South Tyrol’s farmers market their own refined products under the quality label “Red Rooster”

Here you find an overview of all producers of the farmers’ products with contact details and directions plus the respective offered farm-gate products.

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  1. Rasslhof Hauptbild

    Villa Raßlhof farm

    At the Raßlhof, viticulture already has a particularly long history.
  2. OEbersthof Haupt

    Öbersthof farm

    At the Öbersthof, livestock farming has been practised for generations.
  3. Fronthof Hauptneu

    Fronthof farm

    At the historic Fronthof, fine wines have been produced for centuries.
  4. Kircherhof Haupt

    Kircherhof farm (organic)

    At the Kircherhof you can taste a particularly wide variety of organic fruit and…
  5. Hubenbauer Hauptbild neu

    Hubenbauer farm

    At the listed Hubenbauer farm, an ice queen reigns.
  6. Gut Kaltenburg Haupt

    Gut Kaltenburg farm

    At the Gut Kaltenburg in South Tyrol’s Bassa Atesina finest distillates are produced.
  7. Steghof Hauptneu

    Steghof farm (organic)

    At the Steghof, located at 900 metres a.s.l., exquisite cheese and butter are…
  8. Sandwiesenhof Hauptbild

    Sandwiesenhof farm

    Fruity, sparkling apple cider is produced at the Sandwiesenhof.
  9. Forerhof Haupt

    Forerhof farm

    Delicious free-range eggs from happy chickens are available at the Forerhof.
  10. aignerhof hauptbild

    Aignerhof farm

    The Aignerhof farm is an inherited farm and has been in the hands of the Ausserer…
  11. st quirinus hauptbild

    St. Quirinus farm (organic)

    St. Quirinus organic wine farm run by the Sinn family stands amidst wine estates in…
  12. guggenbergerhof hauptbild

    Guggenbergerhof farm

    The Guggenbergerhof farm is situated in Afing at 960 metres a.s.l. and has been in…
  13. messnerhof hauptbild

    Messnerhof farm (organic)

    The Messnerhof farm is idyllically located in a traffic-calmed area right next to…
  14. Afingsbruckhof Bild

    Afingsbruckhof farm

    At the Afingsbruckhof farm great value is set upon natural and sustainable growing…
  15. Rynnhof ok

    Rynnhof farm (organic)

    600-year-old country house and organic farm, Rynnhof, lies in the heart of the…
  16. ausluger hauptbild

    Ausluger farm

    The Ausluger farm has been keeping free-range chickens since 1999.
  17. AusserloretzhofBILD

    Ausserloretzhof farm

    At the Ausserloretzhof farm noble brandies from fruits and berries are produced.
  18. Baschtele

    Baschtele farm

    At the Baschtele farm various goat cheeses and yoghurt from goat milk are produced.
  19. Beerenhof Hauptbild neu

    Beerenhof farm

    At the Beerenhof farm, delicious fruit spreads, syrups and pickled vegetables are…
  20. unterschweig hauptbild

    Unterschweig Hof farm (organic)

    At the Unterschweig Hof farm finest organic cheeses from raw cow’s milk are produced.
  21. Knoespele Bild

    Knöspele distillery

    At the Knöspele farm distillery tours and tastings are offered by appointment.
  22. BuchhuetterBILD

    Buchhütterhof farm

    At the Buchhütterhof farm happy hens lay best free-range eggs.
  23. Burg LatschBILD

    Laces Castle (organic)

    At the castle the organic apple juice “EVA” is produced.
  24. Egghof Hof

    Egghof farm

    Egghof farm is located in the middle of green meadows, a true paradise for the…
  25. Fasslerhof Hersteller

    Fasslerhof farm

    At the Fasslerhof farm the climate of the Val Pusteria valley gives rise to many…
  26. FischerhofBILD

    Fischerhof farm

    The solids of their own grapes have been turned into high quality grappa for over…
  27. Fronteggele Hof

    Fronteggele-Hof farm

    At the Fronteggele Farm, everything revolves around apricots.
  28. Gasserhof Bild

    Gasserhof farm

    At the Gasserhof farm own fruit and vegetables are offered in all possible variations.
  29. Gatscher HofBILD


    At the Gatscher-Hof farm delicious cheeses, yoghurt and butter from raw cow’s milk…
  30. Griesserhof

    Griesserhof farm

    Wine farming has a long tradition at Griesserhof farm.
  31. HagneralmBILD

    Hagneralm farm

    At the Hagneralm farm soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses are produced.
  32. HaeuslerhofBILD

    Häuslerhof farm

    At the Häuslerhof farm is all about the processing of gorgeous fruits.
  33. Hieslerhof Bild

    Hieslerhof farm

    At sunny Hieslerhof farm busy bees collect purest nectar.
  34. RH Hintnerhof

    Hintnerhof farm (organic)

    The Hintnerhof organic farm is set in an idyllic spot in the beautiful Val Casies valley.
  35. Hoamisch Hauptneu

    Hoamisch (organic)

    The vegetable and cattle farm lies in Laces in the sunny Val Venosta valley and…
  36. hochgruberhof hauptbild

    Hochgruberhof farm

    At the Hochgruberhof farm the Oberhollenzer family produces soft and semi-hard…
  37. Hof am SchlossBILD

    Hof am Schloss farm

    At the “Hof am Schloss” farm delicious fruit jams, syrups and fresh meat are offered.
  38. Chi praBILD

    Chi Prà dairy

    In the farm-based dairy Chi Prà numerous cheeses and yoghurt are produced.
  39. Moarhof Hof

    Moarhof farm

    At the Moarhof farm, excellent cheese is made from the milk of the farm’s own cows.
  40. Neuhaus HofBILD

    Neuhaus Hof farm

    At the Neuhaus Hof farm finest cheeses of premium cow’s milk are produced.
  41. Infanglhof Bild

    Infanglhof farm

    At the Infanglhof farm all is about cheese and species-appropriate husbandry.
  42. Kammerhof

    Kammerhof farm

    At the Kammerhof farm in Lana finest liquid gold and fruit juices are produced.
  43. KirchhofBILD

    Kirchhof farm

    At Kirchhof farm home-baked bread from own grain is offered.
  44. Kirnig

    Kirnig (organic)

    Two innovative young farmers, Andreas from Koflhof farm and Josef from Thalhof farm…
  45. Kraeutergaerten Wipptal Hof

    Wipptal Herb Garden (organic)

    The “Wipptal Herb Garden” offer a gorgeous organic herbal variety.
  46. Kreuzwiesenalm Hauptneu

    Kreuzwiesenalm farm

    At the Kreuzwiesenalm farm delicious cheeses from raw cow’s milk are produced.
  47. Langsteinhof Hauptneu

    Langstein farm (organic)

    Various apple and pear varieties are processed into dried fruit at the Langsteinhof farm.
  48. lehrnerhof hauptbild

    Lehrnerhof farm

    The farmers at the Lehrnerhof farm in the district of Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente…
  49. Leitnerhof neu

    Leitnerhof farm

    At the Leitnerhof farm delicious apple juice is produced.
  50. Lenkhof Hauptneu

    Lenkhof farm

    The Lenkhof farm is situated on the Monzoccolo plateau very close to the…
  51. Luech PceiBILD

    Lüch da Pćëi farm

    At the Lüch da Pćëi farm cream, soft and semi-hard cheeses from raw cow’s milk as…
  52. MairhofBILD

    Mairhof farm (organic)

    At Mairhof farm only happy hens cackle.
  53. MitterflitzhofBILD

    Mitterflitzhof farm

    At Mitterflitzhof farm free-range eggs from happy hens are offered.
  54. Moarhof

    Moarhof farm

    Moarhof farm lies at an altitude of 590 m in Kastelbell in sunny Vinschgau valley.
  55. NeufeldhofBILD

    Neufeldhof farm

    At the Neufeldhof farm a wide range of dried fruit is produced.
  56. noafhof hauptbild

    Noafhof farm (organic)

    Noafhof is an organic farm keeping free-range, dual-use hens of the “Les Bleues”…
  57. RH Oberfreihof

    Oberfreihof farm (organic)

    Around 600 quails live at 1,500 metres a.s.l. in San Genesio at the Oberfreihof farm.
  58. Obergostner

    Obergostnerhof farm

    At the Obergostnerhof farm fruit juices and dried fruits are produced.
  59. Obermalid

    Obermalid farm

    All essential ingredients for the production of the farm’s own egg pasta can be…
  60. Obertimpflerhof Hersteller

    Obertimpflerhof farm

    Obertimpflerhof farm lies nestling amidst the idyllic landscape of the Tschögglberg…
  61. Widum BaumannBILD

    Widum Baumann (organic)

    At the Widum Baumann farm delicious apple juice is produced.
  62. PartschillerhofBILD

    Partschillerhof farm (organic)

    At the Partschillerhof farm delicious fruit syrups and fruit spreads are produced.
  63. Pennhof Bild

    Pennhof farm (organic)

    At Pennhof farm happy hens lay tasty free-range eggs.
  64. Pflegerhof Hauptneu

    Pflegerhof farm (organic)

    Already since 1982 the Pflegerhof farm is a herbal and spice paradise.
  65. Hofbild Rabensteinerhof

    Rabensteinerhof farm (organic)

    At the Rabensteinerhof, the mother cows with their calves and the pigs from own…
  66. rieglhof hauptbild

    Rieglhof farm

    At the Rieglhof farm delicious cheeses made from raw cow milk as well as yoghurt…
  67. Riemerhof Hauptbild neu

    Riemerhof farm

    At the Riemerhof farm in the Val d’Ultimo valley all is about syrups and salts.
  68. Roemerhof Hersteller

    Römerhof farm

    At the Römerhof farm flour from an old type of corn is milled.
  69. SanterhofBILD

    Santerhof farm (organic)

    At the Santerhof farm thirst-quenching apple juice and wine is produced.
  70. Schwarzielhof neu

    Schwarzielhof farm

    At the Schwarzielhof farm delicious sweet-sour apple juice is produced.
  71. Simmele Mueller Hauptbild neu

    Simmele Müller Hof farm

    At the Simmele Müller Hof farm, delicious apple juices are produced.
  72. Stanglerhof Hauptbild neu Rier

    Stanglerhof farm (organic)

    At the Stanglerhof farm, very special syrups are produced.
  73. StrickerhofBILD

    Strickerhof farm (organic)

    At the Strickerhof farm delicious naturally cloudy apple juice is produced.
  74. Strickerhof St Felix Hof

    Strickerhof farm

    Strickerhof farm is located at 1,250 m a.s.l. and offers a true paradise to the…
  75. tasiolerhof hauptbild

    Tasiolerhof farm

    At the Tasiolerhof farm delicious apple juice is produced.
  76. Tschauphof Hof

    Tschauphof farm

    At the Tschauphof farm, everything revolves around fresh fruit.
  77. Unichhof Hauptneu

    Unichhof farm

    At the Unichhof farm fruit spreads, fruit syrups and bread are produced.
  78. Unterhoelzhof Hersteller

    Unterhölzlhof farm (organic)

    At the Unterhölzlhof farm delicious organic goat’s cheese is produced. Small but mighty!
  79. UnteroltlhofBILD

    Unteroltlhof farm

    At the Unteroltlhof farm delicate cheeses made from raw goat’s and cow’s milk are…
  80. UnterratschillhofBILD

    Unterratschill-Hof farm

    The Unterratschill-Hof farm offers alpine farmers meat on advance order.
  81. Valentinhof Bild

    Valentinhof organic farm

    At the organic farm Valentinhof a big variety of fruit and vegetables is cultivated.
  82. valin hauptbild

    Valin Hof farm

    At the Valin Hof farm delicious cheese from raw cow’s milk is produced.
  83. Wegerhof Bild

    Wegerhof farm

    At the Wegerhof farm several cheese specialities are produced.
  84. Oberpreyhof Bild

    Oberpreyhof winery

    At the Oberpreyhof finest grappa and exquisite wines are produced.
  85. WieserhofBILD

    Wieserhof farm

    At the Wieserhof farm best beef from suckler cow husbandry is offered.
  86. Winklhof Hersteller

    Winklhof farm

    At the Winklhof farm own corn is processed to delicious farmhouse bread.