Submerge yourself in a variety of domestic South Tyrolean farm products.

Fruit juices, fruit and herb syrups, fruit jams, dried fruit, distillates, vinegar, herbs, cheese and dairy products, fresh meat, free-range eggs, bread, speck and sausages as well as sauces and pickles – an abundance of domestic products from the farmers waits for you.

  1. Vinegar


    Vinegar specialities of all kinds – single-origin or mixtures – offer many…
  2. Honey


    Hard-working South Tyrolean bees provide precious liquid gold.
  3. Sauces and pickles

    Sauces and pickles

    Sauces and pickles are enjoying great popularity.
  4. Speck and sausages

    Speck and sausages

    Speck bacon is strongly linked to the country and its peasant tradition.
  5. Dried fruit

    Dried fruit

    Dried apples, pears or persimmons – a healthy snack for in-between.
  6. Herbs


    Natural remedies against everything.
  7. Distillates


    Each farmer keeps his secret of distilling like a treasure.
  8. Cheese and dairy goods

    Cheese and dairy goods

    Fresh mountain air, lush grass and spicy herbs on the South Tyrolean meadows have a…
  9. Fresh meat

    Fresh meat

    Regionality from the first to the last bite – fresh meat from the farm.
  10. Fruit syrups

    Fruit syrups

    Made of fruits, blossoms or herbs - home-made syrups become more and more popular.
  11. Fruit jams

    Fruit jams

    Sun-ripened fruits on the bread – healthy fruit spreads with little sugar.
  12. Fruit juices

    Fruit juices

    In pressed form South Tyrolean apples and grapes result in a delicious thirst quencher.
  13. Free-range eggs

    Free-range eggs

    Only happy hens lay the best eggs.
  14. Bread


    A unique scent is in the air – wood oven bread from the farmer.
  15. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

    Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

    Are you interested in vitamin supplements? Quite simply, with fresh fruit and…