Hiking tour to the Covolo lakes and Mount Gran Ladro

Passing several alpine pastures and lakes and climbing the peak of Mount Gran Ladro in the Val d’Ultimo.

We start our hiking tour on a beautiful summer day in Santa Valburga in the Val d’Ultimo and drive towards Monte Larice behind the village until we reach the locality of Riem, where we leave our car. Here, at 1,700 metres asl, the air is much fresher than in the valley and we enjoy the view of the Zoccolo lake. The well-marked trail no. 4 is quite steep at the beginning and leads us into the forest.

One hour and about 300 metres of altitude later we leave the forest behind us and reach the Riemer Bergl, a very nice mountain hut at 2,050 metres asl. We have a short rest and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Schwemmalm (a ski area in winter), San Maurizio, Quaira lake, Mount Ladro Alto and Mount Guardia Alta. We continue our hiking tour on trail no. 4, which starts behind the mountain hut. After an other hour of hiking we pass the Kofelrasteralm mountain hut (at 2,313 metres asl) and finally reach the beautiful Covolo lakes at 2,485 metres asl.

The peak of Mount Gran Ladro seems to be very near. However, it takes us another hour to finally reach the peak cross at 2,712 metres asl, which lies about 10 metres under the highest peak of Mount Gran Ladro. The panorama is absolutely great and comprises the mountains of the Val d’Ultimo, the Ötztal Alps with the Tessa mountain group and the Dolomites, Unesco World Natural Heritage since 2009. Finally, we hike the same way back, although it is also possible to hike back passing the Marschnellalm mountain hut.

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Please note: When you plan to do this hiking tour, please inform yourselves on the conditions of the trails!

Starting point: Monte Larice, locality of Riem (Santa Valburga in the Val d’Ultimo)
Trail route: to the Covolo lakes and on Mount Gran Ladro (and back)
Altitude difference: approx. 1,000 metres
Trail numbers: 4
Walking time: approx. 3.5 hours (one way)
Experienced in: August 2005
Level of difficulty: This tour requires a good physical condition and some mountain experience, especially on the last very steep section to the peak.
More information: tourist board Val d’Ultimo-Alta Val di Non, tel. +39 0473 795387, e-mail: info@ultental-deutschnonsberg.info

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