percha oberwielenbach winter
percha oberwielenbach winter


Earth Pyramids, the “Talile” in Vila di Sopra, the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park - your stay in Perca will be dominated by nature

If you had to visit the entire municipality of Perca, the difference in altitude would be impressive: 2,200 metres. It stretches from the green floodplains of the Rienza river to the peaks of the mighty Vedrette di Ries Group. In between, the hamlets of Sopranessano, Rio Liccio and Montevila spread out on the slopes, and in the valley basin - along the Val Pusteria state road - there are Nessano and the main village of Perca.

Significantly, Vila di Sotto (sotto means below) and Vila di Sopra (sopra means above) lie below and above them in the valley of the same name, pictured here. A little further up is Plata, known for its beautiful hiking trails and the Earth Pyramids. They tell a story that goes back thousands of years, with their earth pillars of loamy sand and the capstone on top that seems as if the next storm could sweep it away. Due to erosion, they are subject to constant change - you can get a glimpse of this from the viewing platform, which can be reached in a 45-minute walk from Plata. Popular hiking destinations on the mountain also include the Vila di Sopra Valley in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park, Mt. Montone and Mt. Nalle, as well as the Gönner Mountain Hut, one of the most popular huts in South Tyrol.

In the valley, on the other hand, the Pusterbike Cycle Path winds past Perca towards Valdaora and Dobbiaco, while in the other direction you can reach Teodone on foot or by bus, where the famous South Tyrolean Folklore Museum is located. In winter, the Ried Cable Car in Perca is one of the four places between the Val Pusteria and the Val Badia from which Mt. Plan de Corones can be easily reached. Up there, on the local mountain of Brunico, around 120 km of perfect slopes await skiers and snowboarders. The Lercheralm Sledge Run near the Plata Earth Pyramids offers a special winter adventure. In Perca you will always come back to this natural phenomenon...

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