RS kiens schloss ehrenburg winter
RS kiens schloss ehrenburg winter

Castles & mansions

Some 800 castles and mansions are spread all over South Tyrol, near Bolzano there is even the European area featuring the most castles.

Some 200 historical buildings in the area of Appiano argue the turbulent history of the area. However, also in the rest of the country there are a range of castles, mansions and residences which are partly open to the public. The majestic donjons, the historical walls with its guard’s walkways and also the castle chapels invite you to make a journey back to Middle Ages…

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  1. Castel Fontana
    Burggrafenamt Dorf Tirol Brunnenburg

    Castel Fontana

    At Castel Fontana there are an Agriculture Museum, several animals and the Ezra…
  2. Castel d’Appiano
    RS Dreiburgenwanderung Hocheppan P

    Castel d'Appiano

    Castel d’Appiano, one of the major castles of South Tyrol, is one of the…
  3. Castel Cornedo
    RS schloss karneid burg

    Castel Cornedo

    The landmark of the municipality of Cornedo all’Isarco, Castel Cornedo rises…
  4. Castel Tasso
    RS freienfeld schloss reifenstein

    Castel Tasso

    In the south-west of Vipiteno in the upper Valle Isarco valley, on a rock spur,…
  5. Castel Tures
    RS Sand in Taufers Burg Taufers Winter

    Castel Tures

    This striking castle complex which is open to the public rises above Campo Tures in…
  6. Castel Coira
    RS schluderns churburg winter

    Castel Coira

    Castel Coira in the Val Venosta valley is composed of Romanesque, Gothic and…
  7. Ćiastel de Tor
    RS Alta Badia St Martin in Thurn

    Ćiastel de Tor

    The antique Badia Castle known as Ćiastel de Tor is located in San Martino in Badia…
  8. Fortezza Fortress
    DSC Franzensfeste

    Fortezza Fortress

    The impressive fortification in the Valle Isarco valley, one of the most striking…
  9. Monte di Mezzo Fortress
    RS Sexten Gasthof Panorama Ruine Mitterberg

    Monte di Mezzo Fortress

    The Monte di Mezzo Fortress together with the Haideck Fortress, formed the “Sesto…
  10. Castel Salorno
    RS haderburg visionen salurn

    Castel Salorno

    Castel Salorno, also called Haderburg, is located in the most southern village of…
  11. Castel Flavon
    RS haselburg

    Castel Flavon

    The mighty Castel Flavon looks down from a rock spur on the rooftops of Bolzano.
  12. Castel Giovo
    RS st leonhard in passeier winter mit jaufenburg

    Castel Giovo

    Since 2003, Castel Giovo above San Leonardo in Passiria has been an interesting…
  13. Prince’s Castle Merano
    RS meran landesfuerstliche burg

    Prince's Castle Merano

    The Prince’s Castle Merano in the centre of the spa town was the city residence of…
  14. Rio Pusteria Fortress
    RS muehlbacher klause

    Rio Pusteria Fortress

    At the entrance to the Val Pusteria valley, an ancient Habsburg customs and…
  15. Castel Boymont
    RS Eppan Herbst Schloss Boymont

    Castel Boymont

    Above the village of Missiano, which belongs to the municipality of Appiano, the…
  16. Castel Varco
    RS Kaltern Ruine Laimburg

    Castel Varco

    Above Vadena in southern South Tyrol, at the height of the Novale al Varco Mountain…
  17. Castelchiaro
    RS P Kaltern Kalterersee Leuchtenburg


    The ruin of Castelchiaro, or Castel Leuchtenburg, seems to mount guard over Lake Caldaro.
  18. Castel Casanova
    RS Maultasch Neuhaus Terlan

    Castel Casanova

    The ruins of Castel Casanova, also known as Maultasch Castle, are located above…
  19. Castel Rafenstein
    RS jenesien burg ruine rafenstein herbst

    Castel Rafenstein

    The romantic ruin of Castel Rafenstein rises high above the city of Bolzano at the…
  20. Castel Brunico MMM
    RS bruneck winter

    Castel Brunico MMM

    Brunico Castle is located on an easily accessible hill above the eponymous town in…
  21. Castel Campan
    RS Castel Campan Kaltern RD P

    Castel Campan

    In Villa di Mezzo in Caldaro rises the cultural and historical jewel of Castel…
  22. Castel Ganda
    RS eppan schloss gandegg

    Castel Ganda

    The splendidly furnished Castel Ganda near Appiano offers a wonderful ambience for…
  23. Castel Juval MMM
    RS Schloss Juval Ansicht ED P

    Castel Juval MMM

    The medieval castle complex with its MMM Juval enthrones the entrance to the Val…
  24. Castelbello Castle
    RS vinschgau winter bei kastelbell

    Castelbello Castle

    Castelbello Castle in the Val Venosta valley is enthroned on a massive rock above…
  25. Castel Monteleone
    RS schloss lebenberg tscherms herbst

    Castel Monteleone

    One of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in the Merano region is…
  26. Castel Mareccio
    RS schloss maretsch bozen castel mareccio

    Castel Mareccio

    Close to the centre of the historic town of Bolzano and nevertheless in the heart…
  27. Castel Palù-Schulthaus
    RS eppan schloss moos schulthaus

    Castel Palù-Schulthaus

    In Appiano, in the building of Castel Palù, there is the Museum for Medieval…
  28. Castel Presule
    RS voels schloss proesels und schlern winter

    Castel Presule

    The present Gothic form of Castel Presule, built by the Lords of Fiè, dates back to…
  29. Castel Rametz
    RS schloss rametz bei labers meran

    Castel Rametz

    The private museum at Castel Rametz in the spa town of Merano makes you learn more…
  30. Castel Rodengo
    RS blick auf rodeneck vill kirche und schloss rodenegg

    Castel Rodengo

    The fortified castle, located high above the Rienza Gorge in Rodengo, captivates…
  31. Castel Roncolo
    RS schloss runkelstein bozen

    Castel Roncolo

    Castel Roncolo, which is also known as “Painted Castle”, rises on a porphyry rock…
  32. Castel Scena
    RS schenna winter

    Castel Scena

    The history of Castel Scena - or Castel Schenna - in the eponymous village dates…
  33. Castel Firmiano MMM
    RS burg schloss sigmundskron

    Castel Firmiano MMM

    The mighty Castel Firmiano, located between Bolzano and Appiano, houses the MMM…
  34. Castel Tyrol
    RS schloss tirol

    Castel Tyrol

    Nowadays, the family seat of the Lords of Tyrol hosts the South Tyrolean Cultural…
  35. Castel Trauttmansdorff
    RS Botanische Gaerten von Trauttmansdorff Baum Schloss Trauttmansdorff

    Castel Trauttmansdorff

    Castel Trauttmansdorff is located on the outskirts of Merano, in the heart of the…
  36. Castel Turmhof
    RS kurtatsch entiklar

    Castel Turmhof

    The Tiefenbrunner - Turmhof Wine Estate is located in the eponymous castle in…
  37. Castel Velturno
    RS Feldthurns Dorf Winter

    Castel Velturno

    The old chancellery of Castel Velturno in the Valle Isarco valley houses the Local…
  38. Castel Monguelfo
    RS Pustertal schloss welspberg

    Castel Monguelfo

    At the entrance of the Val Casies valley there is the oldest castle of upper part…
  39. Castel Wolfsthurn
    RS mareit schloss wolfsthurn

    Castel Wolfsthurn

    “The most beautiful castle of Tyrol” is how the historian Johann N. Tinkhauser…
  40. Castel Trostburg
    RS Trostburg Ried und Lajen Winter

    Castel Trostburg

    The impressive Castel Trostburg at Ponte Gardena in the Valle Isarco valley hosts…

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