Castel Flavon

The mighty Castel Flavon (Haselburg, in German) looks down on the rooftops of Bolzano.

The first castle that was built on this rock spur above Bolzano by the Lords of Haselberg dates back to the 12th century. Already in those days the fortress boasted a circular wall at its east and south flank, which could easily be assaulted. The great hall was located just above the porphry rocks. It is presumed that also a donjon already existed in these days. Only few documents testify the renovations in the 13th and 15th century. Between 1474 and 1541 the castle was repeatedly changend and enlarged. Still today the renovations that were carried out under this rule is in great parts preserved.

A double arcade hall, a further great hall in the north of the castle as well as a new defence wall were added. Moreover the rooms of the three-winged castle were lushly decorated with frescoes. From 2001 to 2002 Castel Flavon was refurbished under the direction of the architect Dietmar Dejori. Overbuildings from the 18th century were eliminated from the ancient double arcades, cellars were laid open and the collapsed great hall in the north was rebuilt in order to restore the original three-winged form of the building.

Today Castel Flavon hosts a restaurant as well as various rooms that are used for seminars, congresses and celebrations. Worth noticing are also the frescoes in the interior, illustrating emperors and generals as well as scenes of the antique myth of Apollo.

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