Passirio Canyon

The path through the impressive Passirio Gorge proceeds from San Leonardo in Passiria until Moso.

The Val Passiria in the Merano area offers an interesting natural spectacle: the wild and romantic Passirio Canyon, since lately traversable along the “Schluchtenweg” path, an impressive hiking path with metal bridges and planks. It was opened in 2015 after three years building time.

The Passirio Canyon (Passerschlucht) follows the upper river course of the Passirio river, where it has deeply digged into the rocks and shows its full power. The 6.5 km long path proceeds from San Leonardo in Passiria until Moso in 2.5 hours, where another particularity of nature can be admired near the village of Plata: the ice-age glacial mills, spiral-shaped hollows in the rock. Sitting accommodations and information spots, extraordinary rock formations and swirls accompany the hike through the gorge. Moreover two cascades guarantee refreshing showers in summer with their spray waters.

On the way you pass the old hydro of Gomion and two worth seeing museums: the MuseumPasseier in San Leonardo, situated in the birth house of Andreas Hofer, the freedom fighter of Tyrol, and the Bunker Mooseum in Moso, which tells about nature, geology, mineralogy and history of the valley and the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park. In the outdoor area an enclosure for ibexes can be found.

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