harmonie natur wald frau person
harmonie natur wald frau person

Holiday in Harmony with Nature

Rediscovering your own closeness to nature is the best way to maintain contact with your own self: In doing so, new energy is replenished and the sense of well-being is increased

Those who spend their holidays in South Tyrol do so first of all because of their love for nature. It is the unique landscapes, the colours of the woods, meadows and mountain peaks that magically attract people seeking relaxation. However, the contact with nature, of which we humans are a part, has a much deeper meaning, which goes beyond the mere observation of nature and the joy of a successful hike. When it comes to making holistic experiences in and with nature, green forests or meadows are usually chosen as a suitable ambience.

In connection with activities such as yoga, forest bathing - which is derived from the Japanese Shinrin-yoku - meditations and breathing and relaxation exercises this natural ambience has a positive effect on people. Here one practices mindfulness and the body produces endorphins.

Everyone can experiment with these techniques, but under professional guidance the results will be much higher. This is also known by those accommodation establishments in South Tyrol who wish to offer their guests a wide range of alternative nature experiences and thus enable them to experience an authentic and deep sense of well-being - with the comfort of a real holiday.

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