Mountains in South Tyrol

Mountain peaks and mountain ranges in South Tyrol attract a large number of people from all over the world.

The mountains offer various possibilities regarding leisure time activities as well as open space for relaxation. Hiking in the world-famous Dolomites, the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range as well as the Gruppo di Tessa will make you take a break from everyday life and provides unforgettable experiences.

  1. Dolomites


    The Dolomites, part of the southern Limestone Alps, are characterised by rugged and…
  2. Nonsberg Group

    Nonsberg Group

    Most of the Nonsberg Group belongs to Trentino, but the Mendola mountain located…
  3. Ortles Alps

    Ortles Alps

    The Ortles Alps, an alpenstock which is 50 km long and 40 km wide and includes…
  4. Oetztal Alps

    Oetztal Alps

    The Oetztal Alps in South Tyrol and North Tyrol are one of the biggest mountain…
  5. Rieserferner Group

    Rieserferner Group

    Great parts of the Rieserferner Group, or Vedrette di Ries, are situated on South…
  6. Sarentino Alps

    Sarentino Alps

    Like a horseshoe, the mountain chain of the Sarentino Alps surrounds the Val…
  7. Sesvenna Alps

    Sesvenna Alps

    The Via Alpina long-distance path proceeds through the Sesvenna Alps, a subgroup of…
  8. Stubai Alps

    Stubai Alps

    The mountain chain of the Stubai Alps stretches southwest of Innsbruck and covers…
  9. Zillertal Alps

    Zillertal Alps

    The famous Zillertal Alps, a subgroup of the European Central Alps, stretch from…

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Gschwangut:

    Lana - Lana di Mezzo
    from 04/02/18 to 04/16/18
    7 nights from 590 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Gassenhof

    Hotel Gassenhof

  2. Hotel Tratterhof

    Hotel Tratterhof

  3. Hotel Der Waldhof

    Hotel Der Waldhof

  4. Hotel Golserhof

    Hotel Golserhof

  5. Hotel Stephanshof

    Hotel Stephanshof

  6. Hotel Terentnerhof

    Hotel Terentnerhof

  7. Hotel Vinschgerhof

    Hotel Vinschgerhof

  8. Bad Moos

    Bad Moos

  9. Hotel Alpenheim

    Hotel Alpenheim

  10. Hotel Alpenblick

    Hotel Alpenblick

  11. Hotel Sambergerhof

    Hotel Sambergerhof

  12. Hotel Ciasa Soleil

    Hotel Ciasa Soleil

  13. Hotel Burggräfler

    Hotel Burggräfler

  14. Hotel Torgglhof

    Hotel Torgglhof

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