Plima Gorge Path in the Val Martello valley

At the head of the Val Martello valley, an interesting nature trail proceeds until the Rif. Corsi al Cevedale mountain hut (Zufallhütte) at 2,256 m asl.

At the head of the beautiful Val Martello valley, after the Reservoir Gioveretto and embedded in the Stelvio National Park, a parking space is located, which is easily accessible by car and also by public bus. Today we decide to leave our car in the valley and take the bus up to our starting point. Here, at about 2,000 m asl., a bridge leads us to a little pond, the first of 8 information points in total. The info points inform about amphibians, the nutcracker, the marsh and about natural hazards.

After a short section uphill, we have reached the first of four stagings made of corten steel which is called “Die Kelle in der Klamm”. Staircases lead us downhill to the viewpoint which hovers above the gorge and offers impressive views on the roaring water of the Plima Creek. About 15 minutes later, the second viewpoint awaits us, a panoramic sickle with view out of the valley and towards the Hotel Valmartello – Paradiso del Cevedale, once a famous summer resort. Today the hotel is closed. We follow the walking path uphill through the forest to the third viewpoint, the prospect pulpit. The highest point of the Plima Gorge Path, the Rif. Corsi al Cevedale mountain hut at 2,256 m asl., is already visible.

After several minutes of walking we are in front of the waterfall of the Plima Creek which carves through the gorge. Here the fantastic chain bridge is located which can carry several metres of snow loads and therefore is accessible all the year round. Of course it is the absolute highlight of the path for children. Now the ascent up to the Rif. Corsi al Cevedale mountain hut follows (about 5 minutes), the highest point of our hike. We enjoy a break before we continue our circular walking tour and come down to the parking space at the head of the valley again (about 45 minutes).

Information: there is the possibility to extend the hike by a further ascent at the Rif. Corsi al Cevedale mountain hut. Like this you reach the Glacier Education Trail which offers a gorgeous view on the Ortles mountain group. Fantastic!

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If you want to do this hike, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Val Martello valley, parking space at the head of the valley
Route: Plima-Schluchtenweg / Plima Gorge Path
Marker: “Erlebnis Plimaschlucht”
Altitude difference: approx. 250 m
Distance: approx. 6 km (circular walk)
Walking time: approx. 2 hours
Family-friendly? yes, interesting education trail with viewpoints. Please plan more time with kids. Not suited for prams, poss. backpack.
Experienced in: August 2017

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