Ski tour to the Croda Rossa

The summit of the Croda Rossa is highly panoramic and a worthwhile destination. The route is without notable difficulties, but rather long.

The starting point of our tour is the parking space at the Lago Anterselva (1,641 m asl). Along the eastern lakeside (or across the frozen lake) we head for the Rif: Enzian and farther up to the Passo Stalle, which is reached by traversing the forest. From time to time we cross the toboggan run, before we finally reach the mountain pass (2,030 m asl).

After a short break we continue on the right, at the foot of a mountain back between the valleys Weissenbach and Agstalltal. Across rather flat terrain, we walk towards south. When we stop for a bite to eat, the summit is already visible. Then we branch off to the west and zigzag the slope underneath the summit. On foot we reach the highest point, that offers a great viewing platform and a fantastic view on the surrounding mountains in South and East Tyrol. On the other side of the valley, the Collalto and Collaspro mountains catch our sight.

For skiing down you have the possibility to choose from the way on which you came, or the direct version to the Malga Montalalm (that requires absolutely secure conditions).

Notice: this tour is not too difficult, but rather long and recommendable only to those with kilter. The direct descent is steep.

Author: BS

Important: if you want to do this ski tour please take information about the current conditions (snow and weather situation, avalanche risk) on site!

Starting point: parking space Lake Anterselva (1,641 m asl)
Character: easy but rather long tour that is absolutely worthwhile
Route: Lake Anterselva - Passo Stalle - Croda Rossa - Montalalm - Lake Anterselva
Walking time: 4 - 4.5 hours
Distance: approx. 9 km (ascent)
Orientation of the slopes: W, NE
Altitude difference: 1,177 m
Rest point: mountain huts Tirolerhütte, Enzianhütte, Staller Alm, Montalalm
Experienced in: March 2011
Further information: tourist association Anterselva valley, phone: +39 0474 496269

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