Castel Boymont

Above the village of Missiano, which belongs to the municipality of Appiano, the Mediaeval ruin of Boymont rises into the sky.

Castel Boymont is located on a forested rock spur above the small but mighty village of Missiano. Findings prove that the castle hill was already settled in prehistoric times. The castle was built by the Counts of Appiano around 1235 AD, which was passed on as feud to the Boymont family. Around 1400 a certain Ulrich Kässler resided at this castle, who was secretary of Frederick IV, Duke of Austria (Frederick of the Empty Pockets). In 1413 he married Barbara von Boymont, while in 1425 the castle burnt down as an act of incendiarism, probably due to a quarrel on inheritance. From this point of time it fell into decay, up until Fritz Delago, the present owner of the castle, had it renovated in 1977.

The decades between 1220 and 1240 are considered the most thriving years of castle building in Tyrol and exactly in this period of time also Castel Boymont was built. It was not constructed for defensive purposes and was therefore built in an appealing style from an architectonical point of view. Above all striking are the clear lines on the basis of which the castle was built. The square facility is atypical for the Mediaeval construction method. Elements in Romanesque and early-Gothic construction styles, however, can be admired, too. Beautiful triforiums and windows with three arches complete the circular wall. The main tower in the north east, however, presents a rather strange opening in the form of a round arch directed towards east. On the first floor, above the entrance, there is the castle chapel.

The castle ruin has been renovated and consolidated and represents today one of the castles you come across in the Three Castles Walk in Appiano (together with Castel d’Appiano and Castel Corba). In the inner courtyard there is a castle tavern offering beverages and traditional dishes.

Opening hours - tavern:
from Easter to early November 2018
from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm
closed on Mondays (in October open also on Mondays)

Further information:
phone: +39 0471 636000,

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